Who we are


The Sisvel Group

Sisvel Technology is part of the Sisvel Group, a world leader in fostering innovation and managing intellectual property. The Group supports the whole innovation life cycle, from idea inception to technology licensing.

Where we operate

The Sisvel Group is headquartered in Luxembourg, but operates as a multinational company with
subsidiaries in Italy, where Sisvel Technology is located, the United States, China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom, with over one hundred professionals having engineering, legal, business and licensing expertise.

R&D labs and team

Sisvel Technology is the R&D branch of the Sisvel Group, with its own research laboratories and team of engineers working on innovation and IP development projects.
In addition, Sisvel Technology offers technical
assistance on IP matters and new business
activities. Its engineers provide 360 degree IPR
services, such as evaluation of the coverage and scope of patent portfolios, validity assessment and
development of customized testing equipment to demonstrate patented technology infringement.


Sisvel Technology was founded in 2008, as a company dedicated to research & development and IP technical support. Since its founding, Sisvel Technology has collaborated with entities in both the public and private sectors, in particular with research centers, to implement R&D programs and produce innovative technical solutions leading to commercially valuable technologies. The company has developed successful technologies and some of them have been included in international standards, like the 3D technology.


In today’s overall competitive landscape, R&D activities are becoming more complex and
extremely expensive, and many companies face challenges to secure funding to support these activities.

Through IP licensing, the Sisvel Group provides firms with a new revenue stream that can be reinvested, ensuring the technology ecosystem has a continuous flow of capital to support innovation through R&D activities. This business model is equally applicable to large or small businesses, public or private, as well as educational and research institutions.

In a nutshell, Sisvel Technology’s mission is to:

  • Promote and guide innovation and assist its partners in the development of intellectual property assets with market potential
  • Conduct both independent and collaborative research & development activities in key areas of innovation
  • Assess the market and technical potential of
    innovations and the related intellectual