IP Services

Sisvel Technology’s engineers provide 360 degree IPR services in Digital
Multimedia, Wireless, Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technical areas.

The services include review, evaluation and assessment of patent portfolios, as well as validity assessment and development of customized tests to
demonstrate (or disprove) patented technology infringement.

IP assessment service

The Intellectual Property assessment service offers a deep analysis of the technical and commercial value of a patent. This service helps increase companies’ awareness of their IP matters, which is fundamental to pursuing licensing goals. This service provides a comprehensive list of answers regarding issues such as Intellectual Property’s strengths, claim wording, validity, quality and enforceability.

Sisvel Technology’s specialized team can perform a full analysis of the strength of a patent portfolio based on:

  • Technical assessments of the patents: to assess the technical features of the invention protected by the patent. Sisvel Technology hosts in-house patent attorneys who work in close cooperation with its technical experts to identify opportunities and to provide patent essentiality evaluations through claim chart drafting
  • Evaluation of patents relevant to industry standards: to assess the use of the patented technologies being part of international standards
  • Relationship of patents with the market: to identify key products impacted by the patents which are widely available on the market

Sisvel Technology supports the valorization of the IP portfolios and the implementation of IP strategies by:

  • Highlighting opportunities relating to specific groups of patents within a portfolio and identifying the most enforceable ones.
  • Identifying patents that can be included in patent pools or other existing licensing programs.
  • Helping to establish a new program or explore a possible patent/technology transfer.

Infringement test service

Sisvel Technology’s technical experts work in close cooperation with our business partners to prevent and/or mitigate business risks of applying for a patent enforcement action, developing tailored and custom-made tests for defensive or offensive purposes.

The scope of this service is to verify the use of technologies covered by standards and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Infringement occurs when a product uses a patented technology, without a valid license agreement. Our objective is to protect the results of innovation, which are a valuable and vital resource to sustain the generation of new ideas and support business growth.

Sisvel Technology owns a test laboratory equipped for assessing multimedia and wireless products. Tests can be used for two purposes: to identify the infringing or not infringing products and to mitigate enforcement risks when litigating the patents before the courts. The competences include:

  • Identification and selection of possible infringing products for standards, commercially essential and non-essential patents.

  • Compliance test with the major standards such as MPEG, DVB, and global mobile communications standards.

  • Infringement test for specific non-standard essential patents on consumer electronic products without complex reverse engineering.

  • Development of infringement tests for patent litigation proceedings.

  • Development of in-house proprietary testing methods.

  • Development of specific test platforms.

  • Management of outside test labs when needed.