Open Innovation

Sisvel Technology applies an Open Innovation model that enhances the value of its own cooperation network with the main centers of innovations.

This Open Innovation model allows Sisvel Technology to increase the skills of technology intervention and to maintain the continuous update of the competences and technology areas of interest through a cooperation network with University and industrial research institutions.

Furthermore, the Open Innovation network creates the premise for cross-fertilization, to encourage the creation and the valorization of Intellectual Property, making available to the network its own specific competence, relating to the patents and Intellectual Property valorization.

The Open Innovation network, in turn, creates an Innovation Cycle that provides tangible benefits for all its users.

Innovation Cycle

Sisvel Technology applies the concept of the Innovation Cycle as a crucial element in the Open Innovation network, interfacing the sources of innovation, such as public and private research institutions and startup environments.

The aim is to speed up the progress and development of the Intellectual Property, to enter into a virtuous circle of valorization, that maximizes its value allowing new investments in research and innovation.