Current projects

Wireless, Mobile & IoT

IOT & Vehicular Network

Sisvel expertise is employed in a joint effort with a top engineering university with the goal of developing the most innovative applications in the ever more promising field of the Internet of Things (IoT). Special focus is directed to the IoT paradigm which allows objects to be sensed, controlled and connected to Internet. In particular, our current interests include several application fields for Home, Smart Energy, Health, Smart Manufacturing, Smart City and wearable devices.

There are many technologies that enable IoT, both wired and wireless (short, medium and wide range). Sisvel Technology is exploring the emerging application areas and is investigating the additional performing networks protocols for such IoT frameworks. Sisvel Technology is following the evolution of the V2X communication system and technology, focusing on Vehicle2Vehicle and Vehicle2Infrastructure communication. In particular, we are following the standards defining vehicular communication such as IEEE 802.11p/WAVE in U.S. and ETSI EN 302 663 in Europe and 3GPP RAN.

Wireless & Mobile towards 5G

Sisvel expertise covers many aspects of wireless technologies, such as solutions for radio access technologies, end to end network architectures and over the top applications aimed at the effective delivery of Internet services. Sisvel pays attention on two technological trends: the ever-growing wireless connectivity (and availability of flexible end-devices) and the paradigm of Internet of Services, with services – rather than content – driving the evolution of Internet. Sisvel has a solid knowledge of 3GPP (GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, LTE-A) or IEEE (802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ad) standards, and includes experience in protocol gathering and analysis. Looking forward to the evolution of the mobile platform, Sisvel Technology is following 5G initiatives such as NGMN and 5GPPP and collaborating with strategic partners to work on 5G research projects. Our involvement is focused and not limited to innovative radio interfaces, massive MIMO, 3-Dimensional beamforming, efficient support of machine-type devices Internet of things, wireless sensor networks or networking, wireless network virtualization and Vehicular communication system. Sisvel expertise includes analysis and design of localization techniques capable of providing location information and location-based services in indoor environments, such expertise includes the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and NFC as means to determine positioning information.

Digital Multimedia Technologies

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation systems are a class of interactive systems that involve predicting users’ response to options. They are “key” to providing guidance in navigating and accessing vast collections of content or product selection. Recommendation systems leverage on several different technologies to provide suggestions to users, and are mostly used to: · Propose content based on the properties thereof, as in “content based systems”. For example, users that have watched sci-fi movies will be proposed other sci-fi movies which might be of interest · Recommend items based on similarity measurements of users and/or items, as in “collaborative filtering”, where suggestions are created leveraging on the analysis of preferences and/or behavior of similar users The technological activities are related to products and services ranging from digital content distribution services (services for the distribution of digital multimedia content over broadcast and/or broadband network) to e-commerce and social networking platforms.

Next Generation Video Coding

Worldwide research & standardization activities on new coding techniques are in place to satisfy the requirements of future video applications and services that go beyond ultra-high definition, high dynamic range and high frame rates, towards a fully immersive multimedia experience (6 degrees of freedom-6D0F- video).

Sisvel Technology, with notable partners from industry and academia, is exploring new disruptive approaches, from deep learing to plenoptic image capture and coding, that will pave the way to the next generation audiovisual standards and applications.

Visual interaction technologies

Sisvel Technology has been actively researching in the field of Visual Interaction Technologies, beginning in 2011. The first activities were carried out in the field of visual search and, in particular, the development of the MPEG/ISO CDVS (Compact Descriptors for Visual Search) standard, that enables to represent and encode in a bandwidth-efficient way global and local descriptors from natural images. More recently, efforts have been devoted to the study of deep learning technologies and their application to the fields of image classification, object recognition and the extension thereof to video scene analysis and understanding.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Leveraging Sisvel’s expertise in visual interaction technologies, projects have been carried out that combine visual search and augmented reality to create an immersive and interactive experience.

In collaboration with academic and industrial partners, current developments aim to explore synergies between broadcast scenarios and virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications, with a particular attention paid to the standardization efforts of MPEG and DVB.