Success stories

Over the years Sisvel Technology has been involved in various research projects and initiatives with different worldwide partners.

EDEN (Energy Data ENgagement)- Piedmont Region Project

Complex system of collecting and sharing data of environmental indicators in both indoor and outdoor scenarios through smart objects placed in public buildings and streets. EDEN’s goal was to make people aware of energy consumption, pollution and potential savings through a smart data platform showing real-time measurements of the intelligent sensors.

The project was distributed to several public schools. It included a “participatory design workshop” in order to underline behaviours, information and values related to energy saving.

Sisvel was responsible for the dissemination, standardization and IPR-related activities.

CDVSec (Compact Descriptors for Visual SECurity)- Piedmont Region Project

CDVSec aims at assessing the feasibility of exploiting the MPEG CDVS standard for identification of biometric features such as fingerprint and iris images, preserving user privacy on the stored data.

As e-commerce, e-banking and web-based services in general are gaining widespread popularity, secure user authentication is becoming an increasingly important issue. Approaches based on passwords and tokens (i.e., relying on something the user knows or owns) are well understood and simple to implement; however, weak passwords can be guessed and tokens stolen or cloned.

The project includes a prototype stage which will demonstrate the use of CDVS technology in security applications. Sisvel was responsible for the visual search technical parts and dissemination, standardization and IPR-related activities.

Movie on the Road: take a snapshot and relive your favourite movie

Internet and mobile device technologies are reshaping the notion of the tourist experience, while printed travel guides are being gradually phased out and replaced by interactive applications for smartphones and tablets. The “Movie on the Road” project, originally conceived by the National Cinema Museum Association of Turin as a map printed on paper and available for free at tourist info points, proposes an alternative way to visit the city through the most important locations of movies shot in Turin. Built around the MPEG CDVS technology, Movie on the Road has now morphed into an application for smartphones and tablets that allows tourists to “navigate” the Turin of Cinema through their smartphones’ camera. The user takes a picture of an interest point, the application extracts relevant compact descriptors, finds the specific location and returns to the user contents related to the film set such as clips of the movies shot in the location and other content such as backstage footage provided by Film Commission Torino Piemonte.

Broadcasting trials

In the past, Sisvel has been involved in several broadcasting trials with manufacturers, content producers and broadcasters in different countries. Examples are CNTV (China State Television), SES-Astra – a world-leading satellite operator, providing reliable and secure satellite communications solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers worldwide – as well as RAI (National Italian broadcaster), Quartarete (Piedmont broadcaster) and 50Canale (Tuscany broadcaster). The main goal was to promote the Sisvel Group’s 3D Cropping Rectangle technology.

Fostering innovation: the 3D project

The 3D Cropping Rectangle technology enables delivery of high quality HD 3D content and allows broadcasters to transmit a single service for 2D and 3D audiences without having to double the bandwidth necessary for the transmission. Consumers with 3D equipment can fully enjoy a 3D viewing experience while consumers with full HD TV sets will appreciate the service in 2D.

Collaborative development & open innovation

This project has been developed thanks to the cooperation with different worldwide partners. It has covered the entire 3D chain: R&D centers/universities, broadcasters (which transmitted a dedicated 3D Tile Format channel) and industry (manufacturers).

Standardization bodies & divestment

This technology entered standardization bodies and a patent pool.